First Kiss & Last Kiss

First Kiss
Last Kiss

The first kiss and the last kiss put love in chronological lines. The first kiss is not first. We imagined it dozens, even hundreds of times before it took physical form. We don’t remember when it first appeared in our thoughts, but these fantasies shape us and are part of the manifestations of love. The last kiss is not the last because this kiss and many kisses before it are repeated in our memories and allow us to experience ourselves as loved ones again and again. This gesture of love can lead us to the timelessness in which everything exists now.

The work continue the It’s not time for Romance series. Here I dwell on an almost decorative gesture for contemporary art – the kiss. The kiss for contemporary art has turned into a sham, a greeting card with a ready-made wish. I approach the subject differently. I take all the decorativeness of this gesture and enjoy it.