Harita Asumani






Artists can't talk, Harita Asumani, 2023


Harita Asumani

For me the great art is always personal and as such it accompanies life events and soul processes. I do use art as a coping mechanism for my fears and insecurities. It is a way to affirm that part of me that I want to triumph. Most of my works are almost self-portraits. Within these compositions, I depict liberated, sensual women living in the euphoria of their existence, conspiring for the well-being of those who look at them with delight. They are my alter ego with whom we are sometimes in complete union, and sometimes they are the point to which my mediocre self aspires. I try to maintain authenticity at the risk of being vulnerable and sometimes seeming naive. It doesn’t always work and I still care what people have to say, but I’m making progress in that direction. When I get it right, all the noise dies down and then the truth becomes one-mine.


Selected Works & Projects

Artists can't talk, Harita Asumani