{HER} Card

{HER} Bank

Project for installation. One hundred debit cards to {HER} BANK (Imaginary Bank) stacked in a pyramid. The holder of each card is a woman. The cards resemble real debit cards and contain all the characteristic elements (logo, chip, hologram, number, date of validity, name of the holder). Mixed media: laser cutting, collage, graphic design.

Her card her bank

This pyramid of cards symbolizes the dualistic character of the modern woman, majestic and fragile at the same time. Money is still used as a dirty word, and women who seek way to have it are blamed. At the heart of this problem is the contradictory reality about the roles. On the one hand, is a housewife, on the other is the classic feminist. This two antagonistic stereotypes have something so similar… What they have in common is the idea that the “right” way to get money (power) is “the male”. This idea has taken centuries to become a constant. We have inherited qualities from both, but it is important to choose with responsibility for our growth which qualities to abandon. I believe that the woman from the present intelligently achieves results without having to belittle the man, while retaining the right to oppose him.

Her card her bank, digital work